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ASH photos from today

Just in from Milan Fara from yesterday

Anna Osadcenko solo class pics

Class Tuesday 31st

Daria is being filmed again for about the 8th documentary (she has been made the equivalent of dame over here) so her whole class is being filmed and she joked

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Photos etc from Daria from yesterday

2018 Walking tour of studios

Apart from the wonderfully supportive Sue and Martin and Tim (and Linda and Michael) does anyone else see these videos etc please?

Tuesday before class

This morning class for group Y will be with Tamas Solymosi in studio 1 with Sergei Polouktov on piano (Sergei was a conductor for the Bolshoi and is now the

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Photos from ASH from yesterday

Good morning on Tuesday 31st July

Last night the first night party went very well, everyone starting to mingle and relax in the great atmosphere here with us. The three dancers from the cancelled flight on

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Sabina and I went to Cafe Slavia near the National Theatre for lunch, I had a pancake and she had spaghetti bolognaise. After lunch returned to the office to see

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Fun in Daria’s class

Monday first day class

Class today is with Tamas Solymosi (Director of Hungarian National Ballet) with Sergei Poluektov on piano in Studio 1. Studio 3 has Jason Reilly (Star of Stuttgart Ballet) with Jonathan

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All collected. These are some photos for you of the walk from the hotel to the studios. The hotel have replaced a lot of the beds at this year, but

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