Daily Archives: Wednesday 1st August 2018, 4:14: pm

PDD with Tamas and Daria by Sabina

Wednesday Afternoon

Have got a girl who arrived with an injury and has been watching more than doing the classes (so frustrating for her) who has been advised that she should get

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Waiting their turn and watching boys solo

Todays solo videos

Class 2 and yesterdays PDD video


Class this morning is with Daria in the Nova Scena theatre studio with Dagmar Huffova on piano. Jason Reilly in Studio 3 with Jonathan Still on piano and studio 1

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Early morn here

This is picture from my office window of Anna Osadcenko and her daughter in their apartment first thing this morning.    and this is a local cat outside the other

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Wednesday 1st August AM

Another very hot day ahead I’m afraid. Forecast of 34c. Drink plenty of water. Last night we interviewed Jason Reilly for the dancers in studio 3. He told us about

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