Daily Archives: Friday 3rd August 2018, 4:13: pm

Video of Vaclav Janecek rep class today

Video from PDD today Daria and Tamas

Vaclav Janecek joining us today

This afternoon we have joining us Vaclav Janecek, a ballet master here in Prague and one of the stars of the Laterna Magicka Theatre company in the 80’s and 90’s.

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Video of Amber and Cookie photo shoot set up in studio 4

Video of Rodolfo Castellanos class today

Video of Anna Osadcenko class today

Sunday Airport runs

I have been trying to organise the Sunday airport runs, arriving and leaving, so my posts will be a little intermittent today. First one at 05.00 to leave hotel on

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Ten past nine now and the dancers are appearing to warm up. ASH has sneaked in another girl for a photo shoot as all the slots were taken at the

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PDD yesterday was fun. Rodolfo and Mario both came along to watch and both could not resist joining in. Both of course were wonderful partners in their day and love

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Photos of Rodolfo Castellanos class 2018 by ASH

Video of Jan Kodet class Thursday by Daria

Friday 3rd August

Good morning everyone. 24c right now but expected highs of 33c. I like to arrive about 6am, it is cool and quiet and I can get myself organised without distractions.

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