Daily Archives: Wednesday 7th August 2019, 2:17: pm

After classes

Tonight Christopher Hampson will interview Isabelle Ciaravola for the dancers, she has brought some private film of her dancing for them. I have to shoot off with Daria to meet

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Afternoon classes

This afternoon we have PDD in Studio 1 with Jan Erik Wikstrom and Daria Klimentová with Jonathan Still on piano and in Studio 2 we have Christopher Hampson (Artistic and

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Sabina’s post

Sabina has been covering form me when I’m too busy and also running around to the hotel and with the physios dog, Here are some vids from her


Here are some pice from PDD on Monday

Busy day again

Sorry for being slow to post today. We have an ill girl who needed the doctor and another one with the bug going around. Luckily one of the Mothers very

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Class this morning is with Daria Klimentová in studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano. Studio one with Jan Erik Wikstrom and Dagmar Huffova on piano and in Studio 3

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Wednesday morning 7th August

Lots of stormy weather overnight, so the roads are all wet this morning. 18C now with highs of 26C expected. Trying to get dancers to give me flight information is

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