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Video from Daria from yesterday


Sorry but I missed solo with Vadim and Liudmila today as I was held up at the airport. The workmen here are putting down a Harlequin wooden floor in Studio

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More photos from Milan of PDD with Julio and Daria

Video of Daria and Julio demonstrating

Video from Daria of boys solo yesterday

Photos from Milan Fara of Vadim class


Thank goodness for that, the sick girl has texted to say she is feeling weak but much better today and she will come in later to watch PDD. Maria Radacovsky

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Wednesday 8th August

23c at 06.30 with expected highs of 33c. Last night we intereviewed Christopher Bruce for the dancers in studio 3. We showed a section of Ghost Dances on film and

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Afternoon classes Tuesday 7th

Have bought some re-hydration powders and will send in with one of the other dancers for the sick girl. This afternoon Christopher Bruce was with groups A & B, with

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Video of Vadim and Liudmila solo classes


Another two a bit sick today so will be late, I think it’s the heat and not drinking enough water for a lot of them. Quite often a dancer will

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So busy again today. Another girl was sick last night, thinks it was something she ate, so is at the hotel sleeping. She says she is fine now and will

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