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Videos from Daria of girl solo class with Anna

Saturday 4th afternoon

I apologise for my lack of posts today, I have been very busy with airport runs and taxi organising for tomorrow. Collected Julio Bocca and brought him to the studios

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More photos from Milan Fara 2018

Photos of Anna Osadccenko class by ASH

Package arrived

A parcel of pointe shoes for one girl has arrived. It was surprisingly easy getting out of the National Theatre car park for free. The email print out worked. Have

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Saturday morn 4th August

Very busy day today. No cleaners so I have to go around collecting all the rubbish from the toilets and studios and changing rooms. You would be amazed at where

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Video of Vaclav Janecek rep class today

Video from PDD today Daria and Tamas

Vaclav Janecek joining us today

This afternoon we have joining us Vaclav Janecek, a ballet master here in Prague and one of the stars of the Laterna Magicka Theatre company in the 80’s and 90’s.

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Video of Amber and Cookie photo shoot set up in studio 4

Video of Rodolfo Castellanos class today

Video of Anna Osadcenko class today