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Day 10 solo

Today Nadja is taking solo in Studio 1 and has decided to teach Nutcracker today, and Tamas Solymosi is with the boys in Studio 2.  

Class Day 10 2014

Today for general class we have Angel Corella in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still playing the piano. Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 with Dagmar Huffova on the piano and in

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Wednesday week 2

Today is again sunny but a little cooler at the moment, 7am, it will apparently rain a bit later. Last night we spoke to Nadja Saidakova for the dancers. It

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Day 9 Afternoon

Lunch today was chicken in honey or risotto, plus the usual salads etc. The saga of the cases for the Italian boys goes on. Today we emailed back some forms

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Day 9 solo

Sunny and blue skies again now. Here are some Solo pics  

Day 9 class

Class with Daria Klimentová Class with Tamas Solymosi Class with Jiri Horak

Day 9 warm up

Warm up Tuesday morn. I’ve just noticed all Daria’s mothers stripey warm ups all over the place in the photos. That’s a good advert. She is seventy now and this

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Day 9 Tuesday morn

Half sunny half grey this morning. Grey is winning. A bit cooler today at 22°. Here are some pics of the reason we have construction work going on around, the

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Day 8 Afternoon Session

This afternoon for lunch in the canteen we had Chinese chicken stew with potatos or rice or a fried cheese thing with pots cooked with egg and bacon, salads, sandwiches

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Day 8 solo

Well it has been quite an exciting morning. We have had quite a few girls wanting to see the Physio so far, one with an achilies problém. Jiri is so

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Week 2 Monday warm up and class

 Today of course we have our new teachers for the week. Nadja Saidakova, prima ballerina from Berlin, Angel Corella (former star dancer at ABT and Director of Spanish National Ballet and

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Week 2 Monday

This morning has a dull London drizzle to it. It is not cold at all but not nice. Luckily we are indoors all day today, except of course my walk

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