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Day 6 afternoon

This afternoon pas de deux was with Daria Klimentova and Vadim Muntagirov for the last time this year in studio 1 and repertoire was with Vaclav Janecek in studio 2. My

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Day 6 solo

No luck with the haircut, it’s Saturday and they don’t work Saturday appaerently. A mother from Australia emailed to say that her daughter, although having a great time, had run out

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Day 6 class

Todays general class is with Vaclav Janecek in Studio 3, Yoel Carreno in Studio 2 and Vadim Muntagirov in Studio 1.  Off to try to get my hair cut quickly

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Day 6 morning

Where did that week go! Another sunny and warm morning and it will be about 28° today. Interview with Vadim last night, he speaks very well and told of growing

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Day 5 Afternoon

Lunch in the canteen today was chicken or pork with veg or salad or both. I must remind the dancers that there is no canteen tomorrow and that they should

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Day 5 solo

 and between classes

Day 5 class

Here are pics from class today.

Day 5 Morning

Still sunny but a little cooler at 18° today but expected to go up to 26 this afternoon. Last night Daria’s mother came round to our place and brought lots

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Day 4 evening post

Just had a request from a boy wanting to stay another week. Not as easy as it sounds. The room he is in (with one other boy staying just one

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Day 4 solo

Solo today with Alicia Amatriain in Studio 1 and Yoel Carreno in Studio 2 whilst Daria and Vadim rehearse for their performance in Italy next week in studio 3. Lots of

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Day 4 class

Today we have Prudence Bowen in watching her students. She has brought over 7 dancers from Australia this year from her school on the Gold Coast.  Here are some class

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Day 4 before class

Bit of fun from yesterday