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Day 4 Thursday

The sun coming in through my office window at this time of day, 08.00 here, is right on the back of my neck so I have brought in a sheet

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Day 3 photo and video

I wonder why my daughter took 23 of the boys solo and 9 of the girls. I’ll have to have words I think.

Day 3 afternoon

Girl collected. Bad news for the two Italian boys who lost their bags though. Alitalia only fly every other day from Rome and they of course went on strike yesterday.

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Day 3 Wednesday

One girl to collect today from the airport. She is actually doing next week of the course but is flying in from Australia and is rooming at the hostel with

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Day 2 photos and video

Tonight after the classes at about 17.30 we will be interviewing Vaclav Kunes for the dancers. He was Jiri Kylian’s protege and has his own company now called 420People. A lovely

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Day 2 Afternoon

So I met Yoel Carreno off the train from Germany and rushed him over to the studios in plenty of time for the boys solo class, the problém was his friend

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Day 2 after the 1st days rush

Good morning. I am, hoping today will be a lot calmer now that all our dancers know what they are doing and where they are supposed to be. The party

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Day 1 photos and video

Update on Yoel Carreno is that he is on the train to Berlin and will come down from Berlin at 10.30 tomorrow morning and I shall pick him up at

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Day 1 of the 2014 Masterclasses in Prague

  Hello, I shall start this blog off once I have collected all the dancers from the hostel. All arrived ok except and American boy who missed his flight and

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Saturday 7th Last Day

Last nights dinner was lovely, it was in the Hotel Leonardo around the corner. They gave us a private room and we spent the next two hours putting the ballet

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Friday 6th

Where does the time go? Only today and tomorrow left now. I had a complaint from the hostel about the noise last night apparently from our lot. So I have put

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Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th

I do apologise for not doing the blog on Wednesday, it was a very hectic day. As soon as class was going (Tamara Rojo in Studio 1, Vaclav Janeck in

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