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Class Friday 10th August

Class today is with Vadim Muntagirov in the Nova Scena theatre with Dagmar Huffova on piano. Studio 1 has Liudmila Konovalova with Sergei Poluektov on piano and Studio 3 sees

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Filming for Daria

Daria has to go to the TV studios today to film an advert for the ARTS Network here and has chosen a dancer to go with her to use as

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Milan Fara group pics from PDD Thursday 9th

Friday morning 10th August

Good Morning all. 21c today with expected highs of 22c. Woohooo. Still feels about 30c in the office though. You never know what problems are going to come and find

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Afternoon classes 9th August

This afternoon Christopher Bruce is giving his last class in Studio 3 with Steven Brett and in Studio 1 Daria and Julio have PDD with Jonathan Still on piano. I

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Bad toe

One girl has a bad big toe. She was very worried about it and thought it might be infected so Dr Jiri drove her and her friend to the hospital

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Milan Fara photos from Christopher Bruce class Wednesday 8th

Video from general class of Julio, Vadim and Liudmila today

Video of Christopher Bruce class yesterday

Class Thursday 9th August 2018

Today we have a change of teachers for the dancers in class. Group X will be with Liudmila in Studio 1 and have Sergei on piano. Group Y will be

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Photos from Milan Fara from PDD 8th August

Thursday Morning 9th August 2018

Good morning all. 22c at present with highs of 34c expected. Very funny talk with Liudmila last night. She is a funny lady. Telling us about being thrown out of

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