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A typical day at the Masterclasses looks like this:

10am Class
12 noon Virtuosity
13.30 - 14.30 Break
14.30 Contemporary/pas de deux/repertoire
17.00 Lecture/Interview/Video

Around this page are pictures from last year's Masterclasses. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size photo, or scroll down the page to read about fees, options and who's teaching when.

Want to see a video of some of the classes in action?


Please note that some teachers are available in week 1 or week 2 only:

Teachers in week one (27th July - 1st August 2009):
Daria Klimentová, Christopher Hampson, David Wall, Robert Tewsley, Cynthia Harvey and Nataša Novotná.

Teachers in week two (3rd August - 8th August 2009):
Daria Klimentová, Christopher Hampson, Julio Bocca, Elisabeth Maurin, Barbora Kohoutková, Nina Brzorádova, Václav Janeček and Nataša Novotná

Greg Horsman teaching irek teachingpas de deux classmore pas de deuxAmy Hollingsworth teaching

Options and Fees

One Week Intensive Course

Week 1: Arriving Sunday 26th July 2009, leaving Sunday 2nd August 2009

or Week 2: Arriving Sunday 2nd August 2009, leaving Sunday 9th August 2009

Package fee*, including accommodation £675 or  € 880
Course only fee, no accommodation: £575 or 770 

Two Week Intensive Course

27th July 2009 - August 8th 2009, arriving on Sunday July 26th 2009, and leaving on Sunday 9th August 2009

Package fee*, including accommodation: £1250 or € 1540
Course only fee, no accommodation: £1050 or € 1310

*Included in the package are all lectures, classes and masterclasses, a reception on 27th July  and a farewell buffet party on 8th August attended by ballet staff and participants. Travel to and from the airport will be organized for you and you must inform us of your travel arrangements at least one week in advance of arrival. Please try to arrive before 21.00h on the Sunday before the course starts.

A non-returnable deposit of £175 or €250 will be required, but not until you have received confirmation that you have been accepted on to the course. This deposit must be paid within two weeks of acceptance.

The fee for the course option of your choice must be paid in full by July 14th 2009 or it will be assumed that you will not be attending, and your place may be offered to another candidate, with the loss of your deposit.

Sunday 2nd August is a free day for attendees of the two week course, but we can advise you about independent tourist trips if you want to explore the surrounding area.

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