Tuesday sees me returning yet again to the Airport to meet Cara from the USA. return in time for lunch to find that a lady who owns a restaurant next door to the studios wants to give all the dancers 50% off on production of their pass. She likes to support dance apparently. Daria and Chris have now gone to check it out.

Interviewed Vaclav Kunes from NDT this evening and showed some film of his choreography and some of him dancing a solo of Jiri Kylian’s. He is such a nice man, and recently became a dad for the first time (his partner is still dancing for NDT). After the film some very interesting questions were asked leading to a big discussion about the future of dance and financing as opposed to the artistic vision of a dancer and companies. VERY DEEP. We seem to have a very serious bunch of dancers this year and it was great to have such an important aspect of what we do for a living at the front of the agenda. Vaclav and I enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards Daria and I went to Tescos for some shopping (where we met several dancers) before dinner at the LOUVRE restaurant. Very old fashioned dining and tea room with billiard hall on Nahrodni Trida. Very Czech with smart Grosvenor House tea room type outfits, still very cheap as well even with the pound at only 27 Kronos at the moment.