Wednesday is always a funny day for everyone. There have been two days of everyone really going for it and today they normally wake up a bit sore and wanting to take it a little slower. The realisation that this is how hard the coaches and stars work everyday, all the time, their whole career, is dawning on them. We are not a school, we are an adult course for professional dancers. Now they believe us.

Barbora Kohoutkova and Christopher Hampson giving the class today. Cynthia Harvey for girls solo and Robert Tewsley for boys. This is Cynthia before class checking the application forms of the dancers to try to work out who is who. Cynthia before soloAfter the solo today Cynthia and her son and husband are joining my daughter and myself in going to the AquaPalace for a swim. We will be leaving Daria and Robert to the pas de deux, and Christopher and Natasa with the repertoire and the Contemporary. Tonight Robert Tewsley will be interviewd by Christopher Hampson and they will be showing some of his dancing, Manon and Apollo I think.