My goodness doesn’t time fly, spent the morning, before the dancers arrive, posting all the maps and plans as to how to get back to the airport for the ones leaving this weekend. Christopher Hampson goes for a 5K run every morning at 08.00, Jonathan Still spends an hour at the piano rehearsing for the dance pianists seminar he holds in Japan regularily. All in all between 8 and 9 while it is nice and quiet, we get a lot done.

It is going to be another warm day today, the sun is so warm through my office window at 8 that I have had to bring in a sheet from home to hang in front of it. I have no doubt that normally this office is not occupied before 9 when the sun has by that time passed by.

Nothing to really report today, tonights little trip is for a boys night out bowling. Everything is going very smoothly, too smoothly. I am waiting for the fan to get hit.