Arrived at 01.00 this morning. Got up at 06.45 to go and collect hire car. Not hired one before, thought I’d give it a go. Bought a SATNAV in England and it worked perfectly for about 5  kilometers, then it died before I got home due to the fact the power socket doesn’t work. Loaded up car with office stuff and headed straight off to the studios, to set them up. That’s when things started to go downhill a little.

The studios were in very good shape, however the office was completely empty, with all the furniture and equipment in a bundle in the corridor. They had been decorating, messily, and so I set about lugging it all back in and plugging it all back up. Just when i finished the chap arrived to machine wash the floor. Perfect. So once we had moved the bigger stuff back out into the corridor I set off to meet the first arrival from the US.

On the way to the airport I stopped in at the hire car place and they replaced the fuse from the power socket, so I am all SATNAVed up now. After waiting for 1 hour 40 minutes past the arrival time I guessed something was wrong. So headed back to the office to check the emails (many American phones won’t work in Europe) and sure enough he missed the connection in Frankfurt and will be on the next one. Go back to the airport and meet up with him in perfect timing. Then we have a coffee while we wait half an hour for two to arrive from Turkey.

All good, all in their rooms, and now off to meet one or two that are staying in apartments  in the Old Town before I can head home to attack the jungle that used to be my garden. First arrival tomorrow at 09.00.

Good night.