Another lovely sunny warm day. This is of course the last day for some of our dancers, and you can see the look of regret in their eyes, that they are not here for both weeks. Daria’s mother has hand made lots of unique leg warmers, trousers and full warm up outfits, and they are going like hot cakes, she will be pleased. She wants to go with her brother and his wife to a Spa in Hungary and this will help her pay for it.

Very busy weekend coming up. I have given full instructions to all those going back to the airport, as to how to get there. We use the official CEDAZ Mini Buses. They pick the dancers up from a stop around the corner from the hostel, and then go directly to the airport only. They run every half hour, on the hour and half hour, from 05.30 until 21.30. Very reliable, and nice people. I only have 12 to arrive tomorrow but they are spread out between 07.00 and 22.30. Elisabeth Maurin, our former Etoile from Paris Opera coaching next week, is driving from Paris with her husband and 18 month old son, and Julio Bocca is coming via Madrid. Cynthia Harvey and her son are leaving quite early for the Easy Jet flight to Stanstead. She prefers Stanstead as she lives in Suffolk. Robert Tewsley is a much more leisurely mid-day flight.

Solo work today for the boys will be each choosing the variation they prefered and showing it. They have a choice of four that they have now been coached in. After pas de deux today is our interview with Daria. This is always a lot of fun, we show some clips of her and then give away some random prizes, and Cynthia Harvey has chosen one girl to receive the Gaynor Minden goodie package. Then we have to say goodbye to the 16 leaving.

Daria has made a couple of short videos on her flip, hope you like them.