Last day, warm again. Last night we all met up for dinner at a Czech Restaurant over the bridge near the National Theatre called Olympia Kolkovna. It was very nice. Elisabeth Maurin could only join us after dinner as she had to put the little ones to bed first. So at about 21.15 we all met up again by the tram stop 17, and took the tram to the Fontana show. All I can say is that it is an experience and the fountains are beautiful. Krizikova Fontana show with ballet

This morning is very hectic as you can imagine. Trying to set up the party, look after my daughter, change the water fountain, create a survey and sell leg warmers for grandma. Daria Klimentov√° and Christopher Hampson for class again today. A lot had decided to do it in fancy dress for some reason. Julio Bocca is having a show day today and afterwards he will give a T-shirt signed by all the teachers to a worthy recipient. Elisabeth Maurin is having a similar morning downstairs in Studio 1.

It is now midnight and Daria and Sabina and I have just got home after the party. This afternoon Christopher Hampson to the large repertoire class whilst the pas de deux was going on downstairs. At 16.30 Christopher brought all his dancers downstairs to say goodbye to Julio, who had to leave at 17.00 to catch his flight back to Argentina as his mother is being honoured tomorrow in Buenos Aires, and you can’t miss that can you. He made a beautiful speech from the heart and then signed and posed with all of them before we whisked him away. With luck, with schedules, we will be able to have him return very very soon. Such a lovely man you need to have around as much as possible, it is good for our souls. Just as he left the catering was delivering for the party, so Sabina helped them unload the van and directed them where to put the right food in the right place. Christopher and I then played barmen for the next hour before we had our little give away session, Daria gives away lots of calendars, pointe shoes, ballet wear etc etc, plus photos of the teachers, and Christopher gave away his old jazz shoes, unbelievably there was a fight over them (not a real fight of course). We presented the lovely Elisabeth Maurin with some Veuve Cliquot and she got a very warm reception from the dancers, it was lovely. I then spend the next two hours cleaning up as we go whilst Christopher serves drinks and entertains in one corner, and Daria gets surrounded by the Czech contingency in another. A good team effort. So until next year, thank you for reading and or attending, we could not do it at all without you. We are not about money at all, we are non-profit. To give you an idea, it cost Julio a fortune to be with us. He didn’t need to be with us and we could not afford him, so he paid for himself to be with us. We did all we could afford to do and he made up the rest out of his own pocket (it’s a long way from Argentina). As I have said, this is a wonderful man with a really special spirit, we are very lucky to be considered his friends and the young dancers have learnt not only to be better dancers with his tips, but also have experienced how to be. Next year will be from the 26th July to the 7th August and we will have another fantastic line up for you I assure you. If you can be bothered please take our survey at this link. We would appreciate it very much. I shall be adding more albums from different photographers that popped in and out over the last two weeks later on the next week or so as they arrive, so look out for them. But this picture is for the Puerto Rican, Spanish and Italian contingency. I am of course still available by phone for the next couple of days until you all leave the country. Until next time, take care. Ian. Saying goodbye in the office