We are very honoured to have with us Julio Bocca, especially as this is his first time ever doing this sort of thing. I have never had any one quite so nervous before his first solo class. Tamara Rojo was very very nervous, as was Agnes Oaks, who both coached here for the first time, but Julio was by far the most nervous. Amazingly as soon as we introduced him and he started, he had won them over, and they him. It is great to have such a ballet legend with us, I hope the boys (and girls in pas de deux) one day realise how special these opportunities are. Cynthia Harvey said that Julio was an amazing partner, and Daria certainly agrees. We had all the teachers sneakily watch the boys solo from the door (plus a lot of the girls waiting for their solo turn in the lower studio).

We had Vaclav Janecek in to give general class today. Solos with Julio and Elisabeth Maurin, and this afternoon either Contemporary with Natasa Novotna or pas de deux with Julio Bocca and Daria Klimentova. Pas de deux was packed, more than should be there as they sneak in instead of doing the other class. They all love pas de deux so much and we don’t want to force people to go away, they all want to take every opportunity and moment to learn from Julio and Daria, two fantastic partners, and I can’t blame them. I shall get a little more time tomorrow to post some photos.

Elisabeth Maurin’s solo is La Cigarette. This is going down very well, it is such an elegant solo, and Elisabeth is such and elegant Paris Opera Etoile, what could be better for them. She is also lovely, and has her two children with her. one 18 months and one five. Beautiful.