Very hot today, 31-32c, I knew it was going to be so last night I got out the blow up swimming pool for Sabina to enjoy. Cynthia Harvey sent me these photos of her solo groups and one of our children which she took on her i-phone on Saturday.

She is such a lovely lady, normal, down to earth and yet a real star. Daria and I went out to dinner with her last night and it was great fun, she will certainly be returning to the Masterclasses soon.

Elisabeth Maurin called at 16.00 to say that her satnav couldn’t find the address, so Christopher Hampson had to talk her in. I got a call at 19.15 from Julio Bocca to say that they had lost his bag somewhere between JFK and Madrid and Prague. I have to say he was very laid back about it all though, I guess it must have happened many times over the years, once you travel as much as he has. He had a change of clothes and all essentials in his walk on bag. Well prepared you see.

We drove into the studios and Christopher took him out shopping after a quick tour of the complex. The heavens had opened by this time and the air was thankfully a lot less muggy, still warm though.