Yesterday was a bit drizzily and overcast but today is back to being warm and sunny so far. Class this morning is being given by Elisabeth Maurin (our former Paris Opera Etoile) and Nina Brzoradová (who flits between here, as ballet mistresss, and New York). Nina got quite a shock to see that Julio Bocca had decided to take her class (they have mutual friends in New York), and became quite nervous and star struck. It was very sweet.

Daria has a meeting this morning with the National Theatre and TV and sponsors, to discuss the Gala we have planned, here in Prague at the National Theatre in March (two shows because they say so many people will want to come) to celebrate her 1000 professional performances. A busy day.

Last night Christopher interviewed Elisabeth Maurin and we showed some film of her dancing.She has created many roles in Paris Opera and of course danced all the classics. The tapes were vey impressive for the dancers. Tonight I interview Barbora Kohoutkova, she won many golds at competitions as a young dancer and then sadly had her career cut short through injury.

So, if any of you are interested, click on this link to see week one photos by Daria Klimentová, or get there from our galleries page.