Once again a sunny day. We had a full house for Julio’s interview last night. There is not a nicer, more humble man than Julio Bocca. He has done everything possible in his dancing career and was at the top for over 20 years, his last show being performed in front of 300,000 adoring fans on a perfect moonlit night in the main square in Buenos Aires. That is three tmes as many fans than Madonna gets for a concert. And yet he is charming, funny, interesting, great company with a naughty sense of humour and (again this word) humble. You cannot help but love Julio. It took months of persuading to get him to even consider coming to the Masterclass Sessions, he has avoided the studio these past two years since his last show, and has been very busy with his Foundation in Argentina (he supports and educates many young people from poor communities around the country) and of course he has constant offers which we could not possibly match. I don’t know why he eventually agreed, this was a big step for him teaching /coaching for the first time, but we are very honoured and happy that he is with us. He showed us a private video last night of moments from his career, at the end there was not a dry eye from us older ones (Daria, Barbora, Elisabeth, Christopher and myself) and the applause from the young next generation of dancers was incredible and lasted a long time, they all wanted their photo taken with him and he stayed as long as they wanted. Afterwards Christopher took him for a beer by the river. Julio had to be a last interview because we were not going to top that this year. Even though he has never wanted to teach dance he has in fact been teaching it by example since he was 19 years old and a Principal at ABT, and the YouTube generation have been amazed by his virtuosity for many years (there are over 600 hundred clips of his dancing on it). I hope this has been a positive experience for him because, as Daria says he has even taught her some great tips (you’re never too old to learn). We also of course hope that he will return to us one year.

Daria Klimentov√° and Christopher Hampson giving general class today. Eric Linder’s father turned up today from the USA for a bit of sight seeing and I have to go now to the jewellers to collect a bracelet they have repaired for us. I hope you all found the photos of last week from Milan Fara which is a sub album of the 2009 Masterclass Gallery.