So it’s started….Terminal 1 from outside. T1 to left and T2 to right Terminal 1 arrivals hall

Yesterday at the airport from 06.00 till 00.00. First one in from Athens last in from Frankfurt. Only lost two Spanish boys, and then only for four hours. Two (again Spanish) girls missed their flight and will be arriving tomorrow night, after frantic efforts from their mother, and one boy from Puerto Rico missed his flight and is supposed to turn up today at some point but has not made it yet.

Apart from the usual delays (the rule is that the later in the day your flight the more certain you are to be delayed) and apparently a woman who had a panic attack and had to be evicted on a flight from London (before they took off thank goodness), it all went very smoothly. the thing that does make me wonder though is , why do dancers put down their home phone number on their application forms. When you have lost your luggage, or are delayed by three hours in a foreign country, me having your home phone number to try to help you is not really going to help.

Christopher Hampson and Jonathan Still did their usual meeting and greeting of dancers and Teachers at the hostel and Studios.

This is the walk from the Hostel to the Studios

First day, before the first class, we always chat to all the dancers in the upper Kylian Studio. We tell them about the schedule and how to read our complicated groups board, the masseur and Physio etc etc. We also tell them to take it easy if they have been on holiday as we are Masterclasses and very difficult. Of course we still get the odd injury on the first day as boys will be boys.

There are three general classes followed by either girls or boys solo (depending which you are) and then after lunch it is either Pas De Deux or Contemporary. Tonight of course we have a First Night reception in the upper Studio 3. I shall try to post photos tomorrow.