Managed to spend an hour with our daughter last night for the first time in a week. Played darts with her and then we had spaghetti bolognaise from the local Italian.

This morning is another sunny warm day, Jiri Cumperlik our Physiotherapist/Medical Officer was in bright and early at 8 with me. some girls wanted to see him today and are coming in early themselves to see him. he is without a doubt one of the best in Europe. He teaches all over the world and we are very priviledged to have him with us, he also only charges 20 euro a session to the dancers as a favour to us. Remarkable really, such a nice man.

Class this morning is with Marc Ribaud in the Upper studio (Daria Klimentova and Vadim Muntagirov are also taking that class) marc-ribaud-class-1 and Larissa Ponomarenko downstairs   larissa-class-1 and finally Christopher Hampson with the intensive class in Studio 3. christopher-hampson-class.

Canteen 1       Canteen 3  

Canteen 2

 Canteen 4

 I think I have taken a few too many photos now. But I am sure you will find your son or daughter somewhere amongst this lot, if not I shall try again tomorrow. This afternoon is Pas De deux with Daria and Tamas and contemporary with Jan Kodet. Please see below the photos from the pas de deux.

Tonight we interview Tamas Solymosi and we will be sure to get a full house, he is very popular with everyone, a genuine Hungarian handsome charmer and bon viveur.