Last nights reception went well after a slight panic from DARIA and I that we may have forgotten to order the catering. The waiting staff turned up on time but no catering. Luckily ten minutes later their van pulled into the courtyard. The view from my office
We got home about ten and then the phone calls started.
Two Brazilian boys decided that they wanted to stay in our hostel with the other dancers and could I arrange it.
The two Spanish girls who missed their flight on Sunday arrived and called to let me know (very good).
One boy had locked his keys in his room and needed to get hold of his roommates but didn’t have there number, and finally at 11.15 the owner of a restaurant called to say a girl had left her bag, money and phone there and she could get it tomorrow when they opened at 11. So I called her roommate to tell her.

Classes have now started (10.00). Marc Ribaud in Upper Studio 2, Christopher Hampson in Lower Studio 1 and Tamas Solymosi in Upper Studio 3 with a small group for an intensive class. After general class there is Boys or Girls solo with Tamas Solymosi and Larissa Ponomarenko respectively, then lunch.

The canteen was so busy yesterday that half way through the session they had to send out for more food from the supermarket to try and cope. I think we took them a bit by suprise with the amount working dancers can actually eat.

Larissa is a wonderful intelligent dancer who manges to explain every little movement for Odette, the girls will be very lucky to have been coached by her if ever they get the chance to dance Odette. Tamas is loved by the boys, a big man making them work very hard.

This afternoon it is Contemporary with Jan Kodet or Pas De Deux with Daria Klimentova and Tamas Solymosi.

Tonight we have the Opening night of an Exhibition of Daria’s Photographs at an Art Gallery around the corner and they have invited all the dancers to come along for a quick drink. it should be fun.