So we all went along to the Art Gallery for the opening night of Daria’s photo exhibition last night after Larissa Ponomarenkos interview and video show. Another packed house for Larissa and lots of questions from the dancers. Great fun.

 The gallery is tiny and so most of us were in the street outside. Larissa Ponomarenkos husband, Viktor, has his father visiting from the Ukraine to Prague as well, he speaks perfect Czech as he was an interpreter in the Soviet Union and has many friends in Prague. He seems to be having a great time. There were camera crews from Czech TV and lots of press photographers and reporters cramming into the small space, so we just stood outside and watched through the large glass windows the owner mouth some speech while Daria looked most embarassed at all the attention, then when we saw the flowers come out to be given to her and the applause,  we sneaked in and grabbed a glass of champagne. We then discreetly disappeared at the earliest opportunity. Christopher Hampson went off with Jonathan Still (our Director of Music), Marc Ribaud and Tamas Solymosi for something to eat at Kolkovna Olympia, a lovely zinc topped restaurant and bar just over the river. Daria and I actually got home about 9 which was early for us.

Vadim Muntagirov arrives from London today to rehearse with Daria, as not only do they have the opening night of Cindrella at the London Coliseum coming up but also Sky TV are going to film them next week in 3D dancing the Black Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake. As you can imagine it is a bit hectic at the moment. The filming means they fly back to London on Monday night, film all day Tuesday then fly back to Prague for 10am Wednesday for Daria to be in time to teach girls solo class, and then carry on rehearsing Cinderella with Vadim.

For us this morning will be general class with Marc Ribaud, Christopher Hampson and Larissa Ponomarenko.

OK Vadim arrived safely, and now Tamas Solymosi is giving boys solo and Larissa is downstairs in the large lower studio coaching solo work.

Finally found a moment to buy a cheap camera (forgot mine of course, don’t ask) and will now be able to put up some photos for you.

This afternoon was Jan Kodet in the upper studio with a contemporary class, 000_0005000_0002_0  and Daria Klimentova and Tamas Solymosi with pas de deux downstairs.

Tonights interview and video show is with Marc Ribaud, the Artistic Director of Royal Swedish Ballet and a lovely man.

Christopher Hampson will be interviewing him as I have a man coming round at home about a new front door. Here is the gallery of the afternoon, see you tomorrow.