Where does the time go? Only today and tomorrow left now. I had a complaint from the hostel about the noise last night apparently from our lot. So I have put a strongly worded note up around the studios to make sure it does not happen again. No complaints from the dancers though. Last night we had dinner at Daria’s mothers house and then took Sabina back with us so that she can come in to the studios with us today.

Class this morning with Daria Klimentová in Studio 1, Christopher Hampson in Studio 2 and Vaclav Janecek in Studio 3. Followed by solo work with Julio Bocca in Studio 2 for the boys and with Daria Klimentová in Studio 1 for the girls. Straight after solo work at 14.00 Daria has to rehearse, in Studio 2 for Cinderella with Vadim Muntagirov, for the opening night in London next week. The dancers all try to very quietly sneak in and watch them rehearse, it is a special treat for them.

Last pas de deux for one group and last Repertoire this afternoon for the other. Pas de Deux with Julio Bocca and Tamara Rojo and repertoire with Christopher Hampson. No more interviews tonight so Julio Bocca has invited all the teachers to a barbecue at his hotel around the corner. Very nice indeed.