Last nights dinner was lovely, it was in the Hotel Leonardo around the corner. They gave us a private room and we spent the next two hours putting the ballet world to rights.

Today is a rainy day, not cold but wet. The atmosphere is, as usual for a last day, very subdued. There will be a lot of number swapping and “facebook friending”¬† today. Class today is with Daria Klimentov√° in studio 1, Christopher Hampson in studio 2 and Vaclav Janecek in studio 3.

For the boys solo Julio let them choose which solo they would like to perform from the ones he taught. There was a lot of cheering and clapping coming from the that studio. The girls took it in turns to do the Cinderella variation Daria taught them this week. It is always nice to see them clap and encourage each other.

No canteen on Saturdays so it was a quick run out into the rain for a chicken risotto, and then back for Pas de Deux with Julio Bocca and Tamara Rojo or Repertoire with Christopher Hampson for the last time.

At the end of these sessions the roar of appreciation could be heard clearly in my office, quite a way away. Fantastic.

Just the final party with Christopher and myself as barmen tonight.

Untill next year August the 1st – 13th. From Daria Christopher Jonathan and myself “Thank you so much for supporting us”.