It has been a very strange day so far. This morning started ok apart from the rain and the very close atmosphere at the same time. Same teachers for class today as yesterday, Barbora Kohoutkova, Christopher Hampson and Vaclav Janecek, followed by boys solo with Julio Bocca (Giselle) and girls solo with Babora Kohoutkova (covering for Daria) and after lunch pas de deux with Julio Bocca and Tamara Rojo or contemporary with Mark Baldwin.

I had a package delivered this morning and assumed it must be one of the girls contact lenses (she broke one earlier in the course), so I went to find her. Nobody had seen her. I checked with her room mates but they had both stayed at another girls apartment last night and had not been to their room at all, so had not seen her. This is not unusual, we are a very intensive course and hard work, and no one minds if a dancer decides to have one lie in, but I thought I had better go and see if she is OK. I found her about to leave the hostel to find a pharmacy, she had been sick all night (dodgy food somewhere) and looked ok but worn out. I took her to a chemist and got her some re-hydration tablets and translated the instructions for her (thank god for apps on the iphone) and sent her back to the hostel. At least now she has given me her current mobile number, instead of the one she had given me (which did not work). However much I ask them they still don’t all let me have their current mobile numbers. This of course makes my job a bit more difficult in an emergency. I also bumped into three girls who explained that they had locked themselves out of their room last night and couldn’t get in to it until after 10.30. Which didn’t really explain why they were not at the studios this afternoon after having done class this morning, but it seemed to make them feel better for skivving off for having told me. I don’t mind at all. As I said we are a very hard course, by today in the second week it is starting to wear them out a little, and some of them need the break both physically and mentally for an afternoon. There is no better City anywhere in the world to refresh yourself with a little time out.