I do apologise for not doing the blog on Wednesday, it was a very hectic day. As soon as class was going (Tamara Rojo in Studio 1, Vaclav Janeck in Studio 2 and Jirij Slypic in studio 3) I had to dash off to the airport to pick up Daria, returning from her filming of Black Swan in 3D, and get her back in time for solo work. We made it with 20 minutes to spare.

Then I had to get 80 x 100 crown notes and 80 x 20 crown coins to give to the dancers staying  at the hostel so that they can pay the mini bus fare to the driver for the return to the airport. I then of course have to manage to see every dancer and give them their fare and at the same time explain to them exactly how to get the mini bus (just around the corner from the hostel), including a very badly drawn map I have made up.

The hostel is a hostel. It is not luxurious by any stretch of the imagination, and I am very happy for dancers to arrange their own accommodation, I make no money from the hostel. But the good thing about it is the location, right in the heart of the Old Town of the city, and the fact that over 80 dancers are all under one roof looking out for, and after, each other in a foreign city. There is also internet access in the 24hr reception as well as free wifi throughout the building. The dancers seem to overlook the hostel aspect of the place.

After class Daria and Julio with solo work. Daria is coaching Tchaikovsky pas solo and Cindrella (as she is doing the opening night of Cinderella at the Coliseum in London next week) and Julio is working on Giselle and Diane & Acteon.  

After lunch Contemporary with Mark Baldwin in studio 2 and Pas de Deux with Tamara Rojo and Julio Bocca in studio 1. Wednesdays interview was with Tamara Rojo. They asked some great questions about her plans as a Director in the future etc and then we showed them some private film of her dancing. It was a packed house and didn’t finish until 19.30 having started at 17.30. She is very popular and of course a big star, but to us of course just an old friend, sometimes you forget how famous they are.

Thursday sees me arrive at 07.30 at the office to sort out some dancer arrangements for the one or two staying an extra night after we finish. The dancers start arriving from 08.00, a lot of them are used to class at schools that are normally at about 08.00. But ours are at 10.00 like a normal professional company. It is very warm today even though a little overcast.

Todays class is with Tamara Rojo in Studio 1, Vaclav Janecek in Studio 2 and Christopher Hampson in Studio 3. After class the solo work with Daria Klimentova and Julio Bocca. Julio nearly had to leave early today as there is some music problem in Uraguay where he has just taken over as Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Uraguay (75 years old this year). They open with Giselle in two weeks so I am amazed he has honoured his promise to coach with us this year. He is such a nice man, always always a pleasure to spend time with him. He fell asleep having a massage before solo today, and went into the studio with red towel marks etched into his face, very funny, he was very embarrassed. We all love Julio and are looking forward to our barbecue with him on Friday night. lunch

This afternoon is the last class for Mark Baldwin. He has to shoot off immediately after Contemporary class to catch a plane to Istanbul and then onto Korea where he is judging a competition tomorrow. Another lovely man with real heart, Rambert are lucky to have him as Director.  

In the Lower studio of course is Julio Bocca and Tamara Rojo working on Don Q pas de deux. Finally tonight I shall be interviewing Julio Bocca and showing some private film of his dancing.