Hello, I shall start this blog off once I have collected all the dancers from the hostel. All arrived ok except and American boy who missed his flight and will arrive tomorrow (he has now landed). This is the walk to and from the studios to the hostel.

 So here we all are once again in this fabulous city in these beautiful studios set in an old monastery. The dancers are very lucky.

I  had to shoot up to the airport to pick up Vadim Muntagirov as soon as I could after the introductory talk. He and Yoel Carreno have both been performing last night, and now I have just had a text from Yoel saying that they have not let him leave Italy ( he was dancing in Verona) due to a visa problem. So he has had to fly to Milan to see the Cuban Embassy to try to sort this out. The boys solo will be fine as Vadim will teach until Yoel makes it over, hopefully tonight. His girlfriend arrives tonight from Norway so I hope he makes it. General Class today was with Jiri Horak in Studio 3 (a smaller intensive class), Studio 2 with Alicia Amatiain from Stuttgart Ballet and in Studio 1 with Daria Klimentova.  This will be followed by boys solo with Vadim Muntagirov in studio 2 from 12.00 to 13.30 and girls solo with Alicia Amatriain in studio 1 from either 12.00 – 13.00 or 13.00 – 14.00. Here are some pics of class and hello Sue and Martin

The update from Yoel is that apparently it’s ok to get to Prague by train but not to fly. Work that out if you can. So he is trying to get a train from Milan to Villach and Villach to Prague. He will keep me informed.

Just had coronation chicken with salad and boiled potatos, I haven’t had coronation chicken since school in the sixties, it all came flooding back. This afternoon we have pas de deux with Daria Klimentova and Vadim Muntagirov in studio 1 and contemporary with Vaclav Kunes in studio 2. Tonight at 6 we have a small get together party in studio 3 so that all the dancers can get to say hello to each other. One of the most important things about our course is the friendships made, sometimes for life. Several Scottish dancers who will remain nameless went to Marks and Spencers at lunch time and got lost on the way back. So I got a phone call to please help. They actually were not far away at all, just along the river by the National Theatre. I went outside and waved at them, all good. Gryshko came in as well at lunch time and gave us some leaflets for the dancers from the Masterclasses to get a discount at their store that is around the corner. The dancers always go there anyway so it is nice of the shop to give them a discount. Here are some photos of pas de deux and contemporary. Not sure what is happening with the photos, they don’t want to go from the blog to the internet. Will look into it.

Ok got it going with Jonathan Still’s wiley expertise, so here are some pics of the afternoon sessions.