Good morning. I am, hoping today will be a lot calmer now that all our dancers know what they are doing and where they are supposed to be. The party went well last night, everyone seemed to mingle a little, they normaly stay in little groups of who they have known for years or who they have been at school with, but then slowly the ones who have come from a long way away, and on their own, start to blend in. We are a very friendly course, all our teachers are personal friends and want to be with us and here in Prague and they are all very approachable. One of the boys fathers has driven him over to us from Austria and was himself a dancer with Stuttgart Ballet in the days of Cranko and Haydee, so it was good to hear some stories from him. I last saw Alicia Amatriain wandering off towards Chales Bridge after the party last night as I was seeing Yoel’s friend up to her apartment, Alicia is a lovely lady, great fun.

My daughter is allowed a little lie in this morning and will come in with mum later to look after the office while I have to pick up Yoel Carreno from the station and then four dancers from Australia at lunch time. She did very well yesterday I was very proud of her, handing out keys to all the dancers for the changing rooms and answering any questions as well as selling grandma’s leg warmers from the office.Sabina in office

Todays general class will be Daria Klimentova in Studio 1 with the group who were with Alicia yesterday, and Alicia with the the other group in Studio 2. Jiri Horak will be giving the intensive class in Studio 3. I shall write again later and post some more photos.