Girl collected. Bad news for the two Italian boys who lost their bags though. Alitalia only fly every other day from Rome and they of course went on strike yesterday. The next flight in is on Saturday. Czech Airlines come in every day and are happy to bring the bag but Alitalia communication is not so easy. The Czech baggage people say they are waiting for 60 bags from Sunday from Alitalia. The two boys are living off the generosity of the others with ballet clothes and thank goodness for the washing machines in the boys changing rooms. Despite all this the two boys say they are having a fantastic time and love the course.

Just booked the table at Stoleti’s for the teacher diner on Friday and finally am now back in the studios. My daughter has taken some photos which I will post later.

One mother watching said to me that watching Vadim give class to everyone including Daria, Yoel and Alicia, she would have paid a lot of money to see. I pointed out that she had in fact paid a lot of money and that as we are a non-profit course she had also paid towards a lot of the dancers being there. So I thanked her as I do all the parents who support their children so generously each year by letting them come to us. THANK YOU for the support and we are very happy that you like what we do for the next generation of dancers, without you 50% of the dancers would not be able to be here.

Tonight I interview Alicia Amatriain and show some film of her dancing for the dancers. Thisa afternoon Daria and Vadim taught pas de deux (Nutcracker) in Studio 1 and Vaclav Kunes taught contemporary in Studio 2.

Oh and hello Sara Sullivan who emailed to say that at least one parent reads this blog avidly everyday, not just my sister Sue and her husband Martin.