One girl to collect today from the airport. She is actually doing next week of the course but is flying in from Australia and is rooming at the hostel with two Austrian girls she goes to school with in Graz.

It has been pretty warm the last few days, even with the odd storm and rain downpour. More of the same today apparently, sun, cloud, rain, sun, but 24°. We don’t really notice the weather until 18.30 after classes have finished. Lasat night Daria Vadim Sabina and myself went to our local Italian near our house for a také away, after which of course Daria and Vadim spent the evening rehearsing Apres Midi de le Faune in the lounge, as they are dancing it in Italy at the end of next week, while Sabina washed her hair and I tried to catch up on emails. The cat is also loving being in Prague, she is allowed out all the time here wheras in London she doesn’t go out at all.

Last night Vaclav Kunes was interviewed and we showed some film of his company and dancing. He was one of Jiri Kylian’s proteges at NDT for 20 years and is of the same positive, human temperament. He told them it is absolutely fine to not like his work or any artistes work, it is as good as liking it because it tells you something more about yourself and what direction you want to travel as an artiste. If seeing what he does makes you more sure that you want to go down the purely classical route then that is great, and if you realise that what he does sets something off in you to follow the more contemporary route, that is also great. He is one hell of a dancer so I am sure there  will be inspiration of some description working with him and next week his dance and company co-director Natasa Novotna.

Here are the studios at 08.45, class at 10.00, and the canteenCanteen Studio 1 Studio 2 2 Studio 2 Studio 3 Sorry it has taken so long to post but I have had an endless stream of dancers arriving to ask me questions or change money or see the physio or buy t-shirts or warmers or ask directions or can I refill the water bottle.

Ok, been to bank to get 50kc coins for dancers mini bus fare back to airport on Sunday fore those staying just the one week, Tesco to get coffee, tea, biscuits and milk for teachers, and the mobile shop for a new charger lead. One boy has had our medical man Jiri strap his hand because he got kicked on it in class yesterday and it is a bit sore. The sign up for the massage is suddenly full after the first two days, can’t imagine why. We are very lucky to have the Natioanl Theatre masseur make himself available to us each year, he is not only a top level sports masseur but also at 9 euros very very cheap. Am off to airport now.