The sun coming in through my office window at this time of day, 08.00 here, is right on the back of my neck so I have brought in a sheet to block it out. Obviously the secretary of the National Theatre company doesn’t experience that problém, lucky her.

So as I have just said it is another sunny day and will be about 25° today. Alicia’s interview last night was a full house and she was lovely. A typical dancer, she did not want to show herself dancing as it is never good enough, but I managed to wrestle some film off her and showed a modern piece choreographed on her, Lady of the Camelias and Taming of the Shrew. She told the dancers about a life changing injury to her shoulder sustained in Onegin which took her a year to rehabilitate from with some rather medieval sounding physiotherapy involving being strapped down to a table and forced to stretch. It worked!! She was signing autographs for quite a while afterwards. Yoel Carreno’s turn tonight.

Todays class is Vadim Muntagirov in Studio 1, Jiri Horak in Studio 2 and Vaclav Janecek in Studio 3. Last night Vadim, Daria, Sabina and myself took a Chinese takeaway at our local, duck in honey is their speciality and very nice it is too. Here is a photo of the masseur and things to do notice board.       Second notice board   Daria and AliciaDaria and Aliciaand in the other Daria Vadim Yoel and YolandaDaria Vadim Yoel and Yolanda