It has just decided to chuck it down outside. This lasts a few minutes and then it stops. Today the canteen is closed so I hope they all brought in something to eat or are going out to lunch at one of the many many places around here to eat.

Darias mothers leg warmers 1Darias mothers leg warmers 2

This was a fun Picture that Daria took of the leg warmers that the dancers bought this year.

So Angel was on PDD duty but half way through decided to change PDD to Don Q, luckily Jonathan knows it by heart so it was a smooth transition.

Angel Corella PDD  class 2014 1 Angel Corella PDD  class 2014 2 Angel Corella PDD  class 2014 3 Angel Corella PDD  class 2014 4 Rep with Vaclav JanecekGroup pic with Angel

Setting up the party with my daughter and her friend involves carrying tables down from the studio in the roof and laying out all the food, uncorking the bottles of wine and turning on the sound system. Boring speech from me to warn about behaviour at the hostel tonight and then prize giving with Tamas Solymosi and Nadja Saidakova, a long cleaning up process and trips up and down stairs to fill the car with T-Shirts and left over leg warmers (not many)  then that’s it really. I hope to see you all next year (3rd-15th August) but until then I hope you have enjoyed the blog and it has kept you in touch with your loved ones. Thank you for letting them come and paying for them to do so. Here are the final pics and videos of the 2014 Masterclass Sessions in Prague.

100_2379 100_2380 100_2381