It is just so hot at the moment, I am at the point of not kmowing if it is better to leave the window open to let the air in or close it to keep the heat out.

So this afternoon after lunch we have pas de deux with Daria Klimentova and Cyril Pierre, they will be doing Black Swan I believe in Studio 1 and Christopher Hampson will be in Studio 2 coaching rep class. As we speak Daria and Cyril are trying out the PDD to make sure they have the same version in mind and Chris is in the corridor in his own world.

Christopher reminding himself of the steps PDD try out


Here are a couple of clips of Rep with Christopher, Matthew Bournes’ La Sylphide which I hasten to add they learnt in just one hour so I think they were amazing, and Black Swan with Daria and Cyril. The girl in black in the foreground smiling in PDD is the one in hospital at the weekend. Nothing is going to stop her PDD’ing. After this afternoons classes we will be interviewing Christopher Hampson, Artistic Director and Executive Director of Scottish Ballet based in Glasgow, and then home ASAP tonight. I’m tired. See you tomorrow.

Christopher Hampson class