Class today is with Filip Barankiewicz in Studio 1, Sergei Poluektov on piano. In Studio 2 we have Aaron Watkin with Jonathan Still on piano. Lastly we have Roberta Marquez in Studio 3 with Dagmar Huffova on piano. This morning we also have the Mucha’s (John and Sarah and their grandson) coming to look around the studios. The sudios were an old Monastery, from about 1300 originally, so they are always interesting to look around even by the locals. Studio 3 was the monks dining hall with the Abbots looking down on them from above. You can just about make it out in some of the photos below.

Class with Aaron 1 Class with Aaron 2 Class with Aaron 3 Class with Filip 1 Class with Filip 2 Class with Filip 3 Class with Roberta 1 Class with Roberta 3 Class woth Roberta 2 RobertaJohn and Sarah Mucha watching class