The final classes today are Group X with Roberta Marquez in Studio 3 (Dagmar Huffova on piano). Group Y will be in Studio 1 with Filip Barankiewicz (Sergei Poluektov on piano) and finally Group Z with Aaron Watkin (Jonathan Still on piano). I have a young Slavak boy gone missing. He didn’t appear at the hostel last night, his two Slovak flatmates tell me. He has not signed in this morning. His mother tells me she had an argumenmt with him yesterday on the phone, about money and he has other friends in Prague he may be with. He is answering her texts but won’t pick up the phone. He has not turned up for class either. All Czech and Slovak dancers are subsidised by us and we think it bad form to not turn up. I hope he appears soon as his mother is now here to take him back to Bratislava. He was a nice boy but I suppose hormones kick in for everyone at some point and the rebel emerges.

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