Up at 5.30, even Sabina our daughter got up to come in with me to hand out dressing room elcetronic passes today. Amazing. Just prepared the studios with barres etc and checked everywhere to make sure all is in order (someone left a ladder in the middle of studio 1 for example) and just having a quick cuppa before walking to the hostel to collect the dancers. 

The following photos are of that walk 

 I shall try to add pictures and posts to this page all day to keep all you parents who follow this up to date. This is a very casual blog and of course personal from my perspective. The first comment I want to make is why don’t dancers actually read the meeting instructions instead of just looking at them. All here safely though except the three Italians who have to come tomorrow due to cancellation of flight. Secondly, hello Sis, how is retirement from this week? Love to you both.