The penultimate day here at the Masterclasses in Prague. 23 degrees at 8am and a high expected of 35. It has been relentlessly warm. The dancers have coped very well in general. Last day of the canteen and cleaners. At grandmas for dinner last night. Fruit dumplings covered in powdered sugar. Fell asleep about 11pm. Interview with Cyril Pierre last night. He has had a wonderful and varied career. He started with Roland Petit in Marseille at 18 years old, which must have been an extraordinary time, for eight years, then moved onto San Francisco for six years. Then itchy feet, and a new challenge required, took him to Munich where he will retire from dancing this season. He says he has done all he wanted to do and has had a fantastic and lucky career. He has loved being with us this past week and passing on his experience. He only had a knee operation 14 days ago and you would not know it. He is a lovely man.