A close 23 degrees today but only a high of 31 expected, as well as some thunderstorms this afternoon. That will hopefully clear the air a little. Two weeks have shot past as usual. The plans for next summer have already started. We had a very nice dinner last night with all the teachers and Muchas. This morning I am the cleaner as the studio cleaners do not work Saturdays. But after my warning to the dancers yesterday I only needed to collect two dustbin liners of rubbish from the studios and changing rooms. Better than last year a little. I have now put signs up all over the place reminding them that they have to give me back their electronic changing room chips and not to leave any dancewear behind today. Only about 25 dancers still to see me about the return to the airport as well. Finally I have arranged the barres and opened the windows and set up the party room for tonight. Time for a cuppa.