I have two girls staying on another night at the hostel, they will move in together for the night to keep it just dancers. One American and one Japanese. It has been another lovely two weeks, catching up with old friends and making new ones. I had to go to the station this morning to put my daughters friend on the train to Berlin. Then back to the studios to take all the hard drives out of the computer that I left behind last night by mistake. Roberta Marquez and Jonathan Still got taxis back to the airport and Cyril Pierre catches the train to Munich this afternoon. Filip Barankiewicz drove home to Stuttgart last night. He will be back very soon to ease into his new role of Artistic Director of the company here in Prague from 2017.

I would like to thank you all for coming (teachers, dancers, parents, friends), reading, supporting, encouraging and of course paying for this all to happen. We love to have all the dancers join us, we love to have all our friends come to coach and inspire the next generation. After two weeks off it will all start again to try to organise next summers’ event. Teachers to be booked, brochures/adverts to design (Daria’s job), space to be booked, and then in January spaces to be filled (very quickly this year). All the fun and laughter, tears and problems will start again soon. We do this as a thank you for a lucky life that we have had and hope the next generation will be inspired to give back themselves one day. Help others please! Be good to each other! Pass it on.

Just look what the years have done. When we started in 2003 and now. I will have to change my profile photo in the brochure.

l_mupIMG_4784 Till next time, have fun.