Godd morning, once again a sunny warm day here in old town Prague. Cookie and Amber have gone out for breakfast along the river and I am opening up the office for the day. Amber kindly attempted to tidy up the merchandise before the dancers come along and untudy it all. This is the “before” look, I’ll post the “after” this evening or as Cookie says, in an hour.

Leg Warmers T=Shirts Tops and shorts


Last night the interview with Evgenia Obratsova was a resounding success. We chatted casually about her a life a little and this was funny and touching and insightful, and then we showed some film from the Bolshoi of her dancing (Sleeping Beauty and Grand pas Classique). Finally the dancers were able to ask her questions, normally there is then silence but not this time. I had to bring it to a close after an hour, as dinner was waiting, and then she posed for all the dancers selfies with her and that took another 20 minutes. She was lovely throughout and the girls adore her. She has also been discovered as a wonderful teacher and we shall without a doubt have her coming back again and again over the years.

After the talk Daria and Sabina and myself went to grandmas for something to eat and then dashed home to meet a man who is looking at putting in a new bathroom room for us at the house. The 1970’s look is starting to wear a bit thin on us, as is the tiny bath and no shower after 12 years. He was recommended by grandma because he did a great job on her bathroom and kitchen two years ago. Well he was very Czech. Ten minutes was spent talking about what we wanted and the next hour was spent listening to him explain about his life and his hobbies (world champion fly fisherman apparently) and we had to look through dozens a pitures of fish he had caught, the house he lived in until his wife threw him out, his cat and for some reason his bed. This is not unusual. We of course listened intently hoping that when the price comes in it will also be Czech and not European. Fingers crossed.

Anyway off the the airport to pick up Christopher now.