Good morning. It is a beautiful sunny warm morning here in Prague and the day is about to take off. Class this morning is with either Daria Klimentova in Studio 2 with Sergei Poluektov on piano, Nehemioah Kish in studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano or with Jiri Horak in studio 3 with Dagmar Huffova on piano. Last night Amber Hunt (dancer with English National Ballet and professional photographer) and her partner Cookie (photo journalist and Carlos Acostas’ lighting man) arrived to stay with us for a week or so. They have offered to give the dancers free photo session shoots in the studios here which they can then look at online and buy in the future with no obligation. This is a very attractive offer which costs the dancers nothing (unless they really like the pics) with two of the dance industries’ top photographers who happen to be staying with us on holiday.  Anyway her are some pics of the party last night from them.