Very pleasant evening last night. We went up to the Muchas house as John Mucha was kind enough to invite the teachers up to have a look around. The house is 6 the Castle Square. He talked eveyone through the amazing building explaining the history of it all and of course the story of Alphonse Mucha, his grandfather. I have added some pics for you. I love the early photograph of Gaugin playing the Harmonium with no trousers on from a party in Paris, which is next to the actual harmonium that Alphonse bought for his friend Janecek to play when he visited. Mozart’s travelling keyboard that was also a make up box for Sarah Bernhardt, Rodin’s naked ladies bronze that was a thank you to Alphonse for his support and friendship, it goes on. And all in the house that is still used to this day as a normal home, with the office crammed between priceless artefacts next to the kettle and mug of tea. How it should be. After which we wandered down the lanes for a bite to eat overlooking Prague and then home.