Good morning all. Another beautiful sunny and warm day here in Prague. Cookie and Amber the photographers have headed off to the river ¬†(a 30 second walk away) to get me some photos of the castle and Charles Bridge etc etc to use as backgrounds for the website. I have put out the barres in the three studios, made myself a cup of tea and while I await the arrival of the mob I shall try to tidy up the mess the dancers made of my T-shirt and leg warmer display in the office. Last night did not go quite to plan in the interview, Nehemiah had an audio fail on the video of Alina Cojocaru and himself dancing a piece by Christopher Wheeldon created on them. He was very upset but the dancers enjoyed the dancing anyway. So I will show the video to them later today once I have time to look at his computer and fix the problem for him. He is a very nice, gentle man, and he cares very much. As I drove the car into the studios this moning there were men working on the roof next door to the studios, very steep, no ladders or harnesses and pushing old tiles off to someone a little lower. So I have moved the car away from the area below them just in case. In the picture is the view from my office window, my car near the changing room/physio/masseur entrance area, and the window above, with the chair in it, is Evgenia’s apartment, with Isaac next door and Jonathan Still next to that. If anyone is ever a little late I can just shout out of my window.



The only problem with the office is that between 7 and 9.30am the sun coming through the window is burning hot, so I bring in a curtain to hang up. What I don’t get is how the administrators secrectary, whose office it is, can put up with the heat. Either she likes being hot at work or she doesn’t start till 10.00 so has never noticed.

Finally the other boy, a professional dancer from Italy, has made it to us after his nightmare journey from Rome on Sunday. He seems very relieved to be here, and excited about the place and studios and the prospect of classes with our teachers.