The boy has appeared, very sheepish and embarrassed. His mother found him with a friend from Brno. She has now been in to collect his things whilst he stayed in the car. I feel very sorry for her to be going through this on her own, as the boys father passed away a while ago. It must be very difficult all round for them. If we can help in any way. The only advice my father ever gave me, as he passed away when I was 15, was “Always be good to your mother”. So if you are seeing this young man!!

Then a girl from Canada bursts in to the office and exclaims that her iphone has been stolen from her room whilst she was in the room in the shower. Her roommate had popped downstairs for 5 minutes to access the wifi and they left the door slightly ajar (???) while she had a shower. She came out of the shower to confront a man with a backpack on who claimed to be looking for another room. She pushed him out and only then realised that her phone was missing. She was very upset of course. But it is only a phone. I let her call her parents in Canada to cancel the phone. They reassure her it’s fine and they will replace the phone. I then take her to the local police station. She had to fill out a form and answer some questions. She then has to sign a form agreeing that if they catch him she has the right to turn up at the court to see the case etc etc, which from Canada is highly unlikely of course. They should give her a case number that her insurance company can use to reimburse her if she or her parents have insurance. Now in my welcome letter I tell the dancers when they arrive to be careful at the hostel . This is an extract from that letter:

Prague is a very safe city but do watch out for the PICKPOCKETS at work. Also look out on the underground and tram system or outside restaurants. Keep your bags closed and BE   AWARE!!!!

If you have any valuables you wish me to look after during your stay I will happily do so. Also please lock your hostel room doors even if only going to the toilet; we are not the only occupants, even though so many dancers are staying there it will feel like we are.

The very rare incidents over the last 13 years do not make it any less relevant anywhere they stay anywhere in the world. Take the advice please. It could have been a passport or wallet or anything.