Nice lunch. The restaurant has been four different names since we started the Masterclasses 14 years ago, but the waiter has stayed the same. It has a nice view of the castle and river and passing trams. The background of this post is the National Theatre.

This afternoon Daria and Vadim are teaching PDD in studio 2 with Jonathan Still on the piano. Czech TV are in filming another piece on Daria for some documentary and we also have watching a famous Czech folk singer (Ringo is his name) who has brought his daughter in to watch Daria at work.

In studio 1 Vaclav Kunes is putting them through their paces with the concept of contemporary dance movement as a creative expression. Tonight after classes Daria will be interviewing Jan-Erik Wikstrom for the dancers. He was a Royal Court dancer in Royal Swedish Ballet and was an amazing partner and now a great coach.