I shall go for lunch after three today, been very busy with organising things today. Weekend coming up with a few changing over and of course new teachers to arrive. Loipa Araujo (one of the four Jewels of Cuban dance), Tamas Solymosi (Artistic Director of Hungarian National Ballet) is driving over with his partner and their twins, Yoel Carreno from Cuba is flying in from Norway where he is Senior Principal dancer, and Anna Osadcenko (Senior principal from Stuttgart ballet) is flying in from Zurich with her partner (also a principal at Stuttgart).

100_2891 100_2892 100_2893I had lunch here today with my daughter. After the interview with Christopher Hampson tonight we have our teacher dinner for this week. We always go to a very nice restaurant around the corner called Stoleti. Anyway here are the last of todays’ pics and videos. Have a good evening!