This afternoon Daria Klimentova and Tamas Solymosi will be teaching the dancers Majkovsky Waltz in the PDD class. Very hard but great fun. Jan Kodet, our very popular modern teacher, will be with the other groups in Studio 1.

Hold that thought, we have the first problem of the year. Jan Kodet thought he was teaching the last four days not the first four days of this week. Luckily Vaclav Kunes from last week was visiting his mother about an hour away and managed to dash over to us to arrive a few minutes late for Jan Kodets class. Jan Kodet will be in tomorrow, and travelling back for the mountains tonight. All ok.

Here are some pics from this afternoon.

Tonight there is no interview, just an evening off for the dancers. The only one. Daria and I have to dash home to meet a builder who is looking at giving us a kitchen. We have not had time or money to do anything to the house since we bought it 15 years ago until last year when we finally had the water sorted out in the whole house and a bathroom put in, even then we had such a bad leak just after they finished that they had to redecorate Sabinas room in the winter. Well now we are trying a different firm to put in a kitchen, only if the quotes are not too much. Fingers crossed, after 15 years we would like to finish the place and be more relaxed there instead of always trying to paper over the cracks etc.